Raymond the mule and Sonny the goat break up

Sonny at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund rescue farm in January 2020. [CWHF photo]

You might remember after Raymond the legendary wild mule had to be removed from the beach back in 2019 (you can read the reasons why here), the Corolla Wild Horse Fund paired him with a devilish goat named Sonny.

A match made in heaven for the two troublemakers, right? Not so much.

Raymond and Sonny at the rescue farm. [Photo courtesy CWHF]
In a Facebook post, Meg Puckett, herd manager for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund, explains what happened at the rescue farm in Grandy:

You may remember that we adopted Sonny, hoping he would be a good pasture-mate for Raymond. He needed a new home because he was terrorizing the horses where he was living and we thought, Raymond is tough! It will be a good match! Well, it was not a good match because Sonny terrorized Raymond too! To the point where Raymond wouldn’t eat if Sonny was in the pasture with him because he was so scared of him. Hard to believe, we know. But Raymond is really one of the most sensitive, non-confrontational animals on the farm. A crazy goat for a roommate was not his idea of a relaxing retirement.
Our trainer Nora took Sonny to her farm to see if he might be happier with her goat Bernadette, mini horse Peaches, donkey Alfie, and BLM mustang Dakota. Turns out, this was the family that Sonny had been waiting for! He is so much happier, and so is Raymond. Last weekend two sheep joined Sonny’s pasture and he’s getting along great with them too.
Now everyone is happy, Sonny is still part of the CWHF extended family, and has a wonderful forever home! And Raymond hasn’t missed a meal since Sonny left.

Sonny the goat at his new home. [Courtesy CWHF]

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