Finding your way to flavor at the Spice & Tea Exchange of Duck


The Spice and Tea Exchange

Our mission at The Spice & Tea Exchange of Duck is to help you find your way to flavor. We want to
create a flavorful experience for you, our guests, at every turn. From the moment you walk into our
store in the Scarborough Lane Shoppes, the aroma of sweet and savory spice helps you to begin your

As you wander through, we encourage you to open any of the hundreds of spice jars and smell the ones that are interesting and appealing to you. After a few minutes, we hope you lose yourself in the moment a bit and maybe daydream about the foods you want to cook and eat. We hope our custom spice blends, flavored salts, and unique peppers inspire tonight’s dinner and when you smell our loose leaf teas, we hope you can imagine a quiet hour on the couch with a warm cup and a great book.

Perhaps our naturally-infused sugars will spark ideas for an afternoon of baking or a delicious, sweet
addition to your breakfast tomorrow morning.

We spend our time in the shop preparing our custom spice blends from scratch. You can often watch the process unfold right in the center of our store, at our blending counter; that’s all part of the experience.

Most days we have a sample of tea for you to sip, maybe a light and springy green tea, or a rich and smooth black tea. We usually have a little bite to eat for you as well, one of our easy dips that are a local favorite.

Some of our very favorite things to do in the store happen after hours, when we can invite you in for a cooking class or a Chef Series Dinner. Our cooking classes happen with small groups of about 10 people; it’s always a relaxed and fun evening of learning about and trying new spices and blends.

There are opportunities for hands-on participation for guests if they like. There’s lots of eating and drinking and good conversation along the way to achieving our goal of giving you a new experience in flavor. We give all our attendees a 15% shopping discount that evening and send you off with recipes so you can recreate the experience for yourself and your family at home.

Our Chef Series Dinners are a truly special thing that we feel so fortunate to be able to offer. The Outer Banks has an amazingly talented community of chefs and we love having the chance to share that with our guests. On these evenings, you get to watch and engage as a local chef prepares 4 courses of flavorful food for you, all using our spices and teas. It’s a unique opportunity to watch, learn, and chat with some of the most creative and passionate chefs on the beach, as well as meet new people who share a love of good food and cooking. As with our cooking classes, we offer a 15% shopping discount that evening and send you home with the chef’s recipes.

We also offer customized gifts for any occasion but the most popular are our special wedding favors that are created specifically for the bride and grooms with a message of thanks to their guests. We also prepare welcome gift baskets for vacation rental homes; they’re filled with kitchen essentials to start your guests’ visit off right. Our classes and events are customizable too – you can schedule a private cooking class or tasting right here in the store. We love preparing and sharing delicious food and drinks for these events to introduce you to new and exciting flavors.

We are open year-round in the Scarborough Lane Shops in Duck, next to Outer Banks Popcorn Shop.

Our cooking classes, Chef Series Dinners, and other events are posted on our Facebook page . You can reach us at 252-715-4500 or for more information on our services. We’d love to meet you and help you find your way to flavor!