Brindley Beach: Distillery exemplifies the spirit of the Outer Banks

Adam Ball (left) and Scott Smith of Outer Banks Distilling bottling hand sanitizer. [photo courtesy Outer Banks Distilling/Facebook]

Sometimes the best of us come to the fore in the most trying of circumstances. There seems to be a lot of examples of that here on the Outer Banks.

The guys at Outer Banks Distilling in Manteo are usually up to their elbows in molasses mash, fermenting the juice and turning out some outstanding rum.

Personal favorite is their Kill Devil Gold Rum, aged in oak for 18 months. But their Pecan Rum has a large loyal following. Not too large, of course, because they’re a very small distillery.

But this isn’t about their rums. Rather its about what it means to be a good neighbor and a community oriented business.

The fermentation process creates some pretty potent alcohol—180 proof, in that range. Back it off a bit and it’s a drinkable spirit.

Or, splash it on a surface and it will be sanitized.

Hand Sanitizer Instead of Rum

So, instead of making rum right now, the guys at Outer Banks Distilling are making hand sanitizer. You wouldn’t want to drink it since it has some hydrogen peroxide and glycerine mixed in.

The best part of this is when they make a batch, they hand it out free until it’s all gone.

Except for the last batch that went to the Outer Banks Hospital.

Here’s what they said about that.:

“We are bottling jugs of hand sanitizer today going to the first responders who have to be on the front lines. Our next batch will be for the public and we will let you know when it’s ready. If you don’t have to work, please stay home and wash your hands!”

It’s people like Adam Ball, Kelly Bray, Matt Newsome and Scott Smith who are Outer Banks Distilling that are making this very trying circumstance just a little bit better.

The generosity and unselfish character of the Outer Banks is something we at Brindley Beach Vacations cherish. We’re not there yet, but there will come a time when once again we’ll be able to share this place we love with our visitors.