Young Corolla wild horse continues to make progress at Currituck rescue farm

It’s been exactly a week since we rescued Brio, and we are happy to report today that he continues to do well! He’s finally starting to act more like a normal 7 month old colt. In the last day or two he’s started showing signs of being more aware of his surroundings and the other horses, he’s laying down and getting good, restorative sleep, and he’s been nibbling on grass. Not quite as “out of it” as he was when we first brought him to the farm last Monday.

He’s figured out that humans aren’t too bad, and he really enjoys scratches and his daily walks around the farm. He has a follow-up appointment with the vet on Wednesday, where he’ll also have his feet trimmed for the first time. Overall, we are very pleased with his progress and we’re feeling optimistic about his future.

Brio takes a snooze in the afternoon sunshine. [Photo courtesy CWHF]
Still no sign of Brio’s mom, but we haven’t given up on her. Her territory consists of hundreds of acres of marsh and maritime forest that is largely inaccessible to humans, so there is still a very good chance she is fine and will eventually make her way out to an area where she’ll be spotted. We are keeping our fingers crossed and our eyes peeled.

We are so grateful for the outpouring of support for Brio. Thank you for your donations, your well wishes, and your trust in us to take the best care of him. We’ll do another update later this week after he sees the vet!

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Meg Puckett is the herd manager for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund