VIDEO: Three Dare County employees receive service pins

Three Dare County employees were recognized with a service pin presentation at the Dare County Board of Commissioners meeting held on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Two of the employees—Margaret Dennis and Charlotte Midgett-Winstead—were each presented a service pin commemorating 25 years of service to the county, and Laura Geyer was recognized with a pin commemorating 20 years of service.

Dennis serves as the senior real property appraiser for the Dare County Tax Department. She began her career with Dare County on April 8, 1996, and has served many different roles throughout the years. As the senior real property appraiser, her primary responsibility is administering the property tax exemption program for Dare County. This includes three local property tax relief programs for qualified homeowners: the Elderly or Disabled Exclusion, the Circuit Breaker Tax Deferment Program and the Disabled Veteran Exclusion. Her colleagues say that she works diligently to assist taxpayers in their understanding of and maneuvering through these sometimes complex and confusing programs.

Midgett-Winstead serves as the leisure programs supervisor for the Dare County Parks and Recreation Department’s Northern Beaches division. Her colleagues describe her as a “high-energy person with great enthusiasm and a strong, uplifting personality,” and they also praised her for her efforts to make difficult decisions regarding Parks and Recreation Department programming during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Geyer, who plans to retire on June 1, 2021, serves as the administrative specialist for the Environmental Health Unit of the Dare County Department of Health & Human Services. She plays a vital role in ensuring that the food and lodging staff completes 100 percent of the required inspections each year, and she has built professional relationships with many real estate agents, building contractors, septic contractors and homeowners throughout her 20-year career with Dare County.
For more detailed information about each of the recipients and their service to Dare County, view the April 2021 service pin presentation video by clicking here.