VIDEO: Dare County Tourism Board Special Committee meeting recap from March 13

The Dare County Tourism Board Special Committee held its second meeting on March 13. Much of the meeting discussion focused on the structure of the committee and its role in implementing the Long-Range Tourism Management Plan (LRTMP). This is an ambitious 10-year roadmap and while the Tourism Board, Outer Banks Visitors Bureau and Special Committee can take a lead role in several aspects of the plan, there are items that require significant community collaboration and support. Understanding these roles will play an important part in achieving results. A few key action items emerged from the meeting, including:

  • Prioritizing LRTMP strategies and initiatives that the group can lead and accomplish in 2024
  • Identifying local organizations, commissions and committees who are already working on projects that overlap with the strategies within the LRTMP
  • Gathering data from these various groups to better inform and educate the Special Committee on aspects that apply directly to the strategic goals in the LRTMP.

The next Dare County Tourism Board Special Committee meeting will be held on Wednesday, April 10, 2024 at 9:15am at the Curtis H. Creech, Jr. Memorial Boardroom at the Outer Banks Visitors Bureau administrative offices in Manteo. The meeting is open to the public, although seating will be limited.

LRTMP Special Committee Meeting | March 2024 from Outer Banks Visitors Bureau on Vimeo.