VIDEO: Corolla Wild Horse Fund urges public to steer clear of unpredictable, fighting wild horses

A screen capture from the recent video shared by CWHF showing two horses fighting in a residential area. [Corolla Wild Horse Fund Facebook]

Reminder that these horses are wild and can be very unpredictable and very dangerous! When hormones take over they are not paying attention to anything else, and if you’re in their way you could get seriously injured.

We’ve seen a couple close calls this week. Locals can tell you stories about their houses shaking when two stallions are fighting and slam into the side of it. Your very breakable human body does not want to be on the receiving end of that kind of power!

If you are driving and the horses start running and fighting near you, the best thing to do is stop, stay in your vehicle, and wait for them to move on. They fight hard. It’s natural behavior and truly amazing to watch – from a safe place!

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Meg Puckett is the herd manager for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund