Vandals slash tires on Food Bank of the Albemarle’s delivery trucks

Vandals slashed the tires on six vehicles owned by the Food Bank of the Albemarle. [submitted photo]

Six trucks used by Food Bank of the Albemarle to deliver meals to hungry people were targeted by vandals this week, rendering them inoperable until repaired. Authorities are working with the Food Bank’s leadership to identify those responsible.

“The Food Bank’s vehicles are relied upon every day by hundreds of our partners and thousands of hungry people,” said Liz Reasoner, Executive Director. “That someone in our community would vandalize with the intention to slow or completely freeze this essential service is heartbreaking.”

The incident happened at the food bank’s warehouse and headquarters off Weeksville Road in Elizabeth City.

With an estimated 48,000 food insecure people in the region (including 15,000 children), the essential services provided by the Food Bank are needed more than ever.

The vehicles that were vandalized include two semi-trucks, two straight trucks, and two refrigerated trucks, and are utilized daily by Food Bank staff and volunteer truck drivers to pickup and deliver food to over 100 partner agencies operating 155 programs throughout northeastern North Carolina.

The Food Bank and the network provided over 7.5 Million meals over the past year; and saw a food distribution increase of 45% during the pandemic.

“When our delivery vehicles are out of service, even for a day, it puts an incredible strain on our limited resources,” Reasoner added. “These vehicles carry fresh produce, dairy products, and frozen meat to people in need. It’s more than just a financial cost- this vandalism has prevented many people from receiving meals today.”

The Food Bank’s insurer has estimated the damage as $25,000. The cost of repairs and disruption of operations will require time and financial resources that would be utilized to feed seniors, children, veterans and families.

Those interested in supporting the food bank and helping to offset these costs, please donate at