Vandals mark Kill Devil Hills water tower with red graffiti

The Kill Devil Hills water tower was vandalized over the weekend. [Natalie Pugh photo]

Sometime late Saturday or early Sunday, vandals climbed the Kill Devil Hills water tower and painted in red the letters “CDMDLW.”

The tower behind the town fire station is a familiar landmark that can be seen for miles. The red letters, neatly painted, were glaringly obvious against the white and blue of the tower.

“Although all safety measures were in place, and video cameras monitored the site, the water tower was vandalized,” town clerk Mary E. Quidley said in an email.

The graffiti was painted over by early Monday afternoon. But what the letters meant and who did it remain a mystery.

The 55-year-old, 200,000-gallon water towers set to be replaced in February with a new, 160-feet high, 400,000-gallon tower.

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