UPDATED: Ocracoke woman’s missing prosthetic leg found a week after the storm

A happy Kelly Shinn and friends outside the Ocracoke Fire Station after her leg was found. [Ocracoke Observer photo]

UPDATED, Thursday 9 p.m.: According to an update from The Ocracoke Observer, Kelly Shinn’s missing prosthetic was found Thursday by an islander taking a walk on the beach.

Earlier story:
The Ocracoke Observer is asking a favor for island friend Kelley Shinn, who was at the beach Wednesday, Sept. 4 and lost a leg in the ocean.

One of Kelley Shinn’s prosthetic legs was lost in the ocean before Hurricane Dorian. [Ocracoke Observer photo]
“Yes. We know it sounds funny, but this is not a joke. She has two prosthetic legs,” the Observer said in a Facebook post.

Shinn said the ocean current was going southwest toward South Point and asks if anyone is on the beach on Thursday morning and beyond, if you find a prosthetic leg, please bring it to the Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department.