Man struck by motorcycle after his dog was hit by another vehicle on U.S. 158

A man was hit by a motorcycle Thursday night on U.S. 158 while he was standing in the center turn lane near where his dog had been struck and killed by another vehicle.

Authorities were dispatched to the 3900 block of North Croatan Highway in Kitty Hawk at 8:24 p.m. to a call that a pedestrian had been injured.

According to the report from the Kitty Hawk Police Department, a dog owned by a 47-year-old Kitty Hawk man had escaped from his vehicle in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant.

The dog ran into traffic, was hit by a passing vehicle and died from its injuries.

The owner of the dog was standing in the center turn lane when a motorcycle operated by a 53-year-old man from Kill Devil Hills approached the scene, swerved to avoid the dog, and struck the pedestrian.

The pedestrian was transported to The Outer Banks Hospital for treatment. An update on his condition and that of the motorcyclist was not immediately available.

There were no other extenuating circumstances, according to the investigating officer, and no charges were filed.

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  1. Such a heart breaking series of events for all involved. The sweet dog is in heaven (that’s where all dogs go) and here are prayers for the recovery of both humans.

  2. This is a sad event. My thought is that when you go out consider leaving pets at home where they are safer. This summer was especially bad with tourists taking dogs everywhere. I saw some really abusive and sad situations involving innocent animals suffering.Prayers for all involved in this accident.

    • They had been trick or treating as a family, the dog dressed up as well as part of the family. No reason to have thought anything like this would happen. A tragic day for all involved. It’s easy to say what people should do according to you when you’re on the outside looking in with no real knowledge of the situation. Let’s keep our opinions to ourselves, I’m sure they already are blaming themselves enough as it is without comments like that adding to their grief. Prayers are what are needed right now.

      • I’m sure the previous commenter meant no harm. You offered your opinion of the commenter. It’s a lose lose situation.

  3. I sadly was there when this happened that night, I was running along the highway and had all the appropriate gear for night runs, aware of the dangers at night that things are not so visible. Or even a distracted driver no one can escape. So sad to see the dog laying and to see the man motionless. I do hope that he survives and I am saddened by the loss of his dear dog.

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