It’s official: State transportation board names new bridge for Basnight image

Without discussion and by unanimous vote, the N.C. Board of Transportation on Thursday morning named the new bridge over Oregon Inlet for former state Senator Marc Basnight.

The 2.8 mile bridge, Hatteras Island’s only link by land to the rest of the state, opened to traffic last week amid public debate over what the span should be named.

The Marc Basnight Bridge replaces the old Herbert C. Bonner Bridge, named for the late congressman who led efforts for the original span to be built in the 1960s.

While Dare County Commissioners, multiple towns and a Board of Transportation committee endorsed naming it for the longest serving Senate President Pro Tem in North Carolina history, many Hatteras Island residents thought it should be named for Bonner.

The 1,000-foot section of the old bridge being retained as a fishing pier will be named for Bonner.

The resolution also rescinds the 1983 designation that named the entire length of N.C. 12 from U.S. 64 to the Ocracoke Ferry Terminal the Marc Basnight Highway.

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  1. I’m speechless…..and very disappointed. Typical Dare County politics, to send a name on that was not representative of the majority of Hatteras Islanders’ wishes.

  2. You would have thought that this board would have listened to the residents of the area,but no. There was even a poll to ask what they wanted to name it, Bonner won hands down. Just goes to show you they don’t actually take into account what the people want.

    • Of course not, because Herbert Bonner is long dead, and doesn’t have powerful cronies or relatives in state government like Basnight does.

  3. Sorry to hear this I voted for Bonner Bridge also, this is outrageous what they did.

  4. Nowhere in this article does it mention that virtually no one who actually uses this bridge supports this move by a gang of political hacks in Manteo and Raleigh to name this bridge after a crony.

    Like everything else, they could care less what the people think. To them, Hatteras Island is just a pool of tax revenue that they can funnel to their buddies.

    • Well maybe all the people were asked and there were a lot that thought Basnight was a wonderful name for the bridge. Since it is in Dare County maybe it should be named by all the people not just Hatteras. I voted for Marc because I think he has done more for Dare County than anyone else. So maybe they are listening to the majority of the people not one village. I for one am very excited about the name!

  5. Good Lord what is all the fuss about? Do you complainers actually know Marc Basnight? He’s a really great man. What have you done for your community? What’s all the hate about?

  6. Yes, so excited that the Marc Basnight Bridge was approved! A most deserving honor…Marc has accomplished more for eastern North Carolina, including ALL of Dare County, than anyone. I was disappointed in the negative remarks….including some folks that don’t even live in Dare County! Really?? Our officials should be commended for doing the right thing and not being swayed by a minority. Well done Dare County!

  7. I’m sitting here in Florida, teary-eyed because I know how long and hard Marc Basnight worked his “politics” for the benefit of eastern North Carolina, particularly Dare County. I’m proud to have known him all his life, and proud of his accomplishments, including two daughters who work just as hard to maintain the life they’ve achieved. I hope to be back there some day, preferably to live my life out in “the goodliest land,” but if not that, at least to be able to go occasionally to visit the graves of my parents, my brothers, and many friends and relatives who’ve gone on before. Thank you, Marc. Congratulations.

  8. Marc Basnight is one of the nicest people I ever met on the outer banks as a property owner for over 30 years. He is a gentleman and has done a lot for the entire area.

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