names Carova one of the ‘Most Relaxing and Deeply Chill Vacation Spots in the U.S.’


Travel and entertainment outlet has named Carova Beach one of The Most Relaxing and Deeply Chill Vacation Spots in the United States.

Describing the Outer Banks in its entirety as “an obvious exhale spot for North Carolinians,” the outlet emphasizes the seclusion of Carova.

“There are no hotels or stores, just vacation homes, and you’ll need a 4×4 vehicle just to get there (the “roads” are tracks in the sand). Once you’ve arrived, you’ll find that life revolves entirely around the beach. There are 11 miles of it—all of which stay fairly quiet, even in summer—where you can swim in the temperate waters, surf, paddleboard, or do a whole lotta nothing,” notes contributors Meaghan Agnew, Tiana Attride, and Meredith Heil.

When visiting, Thrillest encourages you to keep a watchful eye out for the infamous wild horses, denoting the Spanish mustangs that can be found across the are. “You’re likely to spend as much time admiring them as you do the waves,” says the outlet. “Just keep your distance—the horses are feral, so there won’t be any Black Stallion-style bonding going on.”