Roanoke Island Dog Park has reopened

[photo courtesy Dare County]

The Roanoke Island Dog Park has reopened, after being closed in mid-April due to construction of the new Dare County Animal Shelter on adjacent property.

The Roanoke Island Dog Park is open to all residents and visitors of Dare County. In order to receive the key code for entrance and exit through the gate at the Roanoke Island Dog Park, dog owners are required to complete an application. Applications are available at

Applicants should call the Mainland/Roanoke Island Parks and Recreation Division at 252.475.5910 to arrange a time to drop off the completed application and a rabies certificate (for each dog) to their office located at 1000 Westcott Park Road in Manteo.

Please review the entire application, responsibility and liability release statement, dog park rules, and guidelines before completing and signing the application. Occasionally, the key code will be changed and owners will be required to submit an updated rabies vaccination certificate in order to be granted access.

The Roanoke Island Dog Park is located off Airport Road in Manteo, across from the NC Aquarium and adjacent to the Dare County Airport The park offers two fenced areas, one for large dogs and one for small dogs.

Dogs can enjoy a large grass area and water features, while their owners can enjoy a shaded canopy. For convenience and hygiene, the park has a water spigot and water bowls as well as clean-up bags.