H2OBX makes spare change donations to Corolla Wild Horse Fund, N.E.S.T.

Molly Garavito, Director of Marketing for H2OBX and Dennis Pohl, N.E.S.T. [submitted photo]

In their annual effort to assist local organizations with fundraising for the Corolla Wild Horses and Network for Endangered Sea Turtles, H2OBX ran their spare change donation campaign again throughout the summer.

Donations collected by employees and guests of the park amounted to $1,001.00 for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund and $1,001.00 for N.E.S.T. The funds will both be used to continue their work for the respective agencies.

“H2OBX is proud to be able to continue to work with and support local non-profits in the area,” said general manager Damian Dondero.

N.E.S.T. helped to oversee approximately 27 nests on the Outer Banks this year, as well as care and rehabilitation of sick or injured turtles.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund manages the herd of approximately 100 wild Spanish mustangs that roam the Currituck Outer Banks.

H2OBX plans to continue this fundraising effort in the summer 2020 season.