Tail Waggin’ Tuesday: September 12, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect fur-ever friend? A new addition to the family, perhaps? OBX Today in partnership with the Outer Banks SPCA is proud to present “Tail Waggin’ Tuesdays.”

Each Tuesday, browse our provided selection of videos and images and follow along as we showcase a variety of pets that are currently awaiting adoption at our local animal shelter.

This week’s featured pets are Sugar & Lobo, Courage, Barnacle, Tuxie, and Theodore! Verbiage is provided by shelter manager Leann Saunders:

Sugar & Lobo
Attached are pictures of Sugar (brown and white female) and Lobo (black and white male) they were both brought into our care from a high kill shelter and were at risk for being euthanized so a volunteer drove them 9 hours to get here. We are very fortunate to be able to be able to help save dogs from other areas and give them a real chance at adoption. Last year we were able to save 130 dogs from being euthanized.

Sugar is about 3 years old, is house trained, and loves attention from people. She would be the best companion and has so much love to give.

Lobo is a little over a  year old and doesn’t like being in his kennel and wants to get out as much as possible. He does well with other dogs, and loves to soak up all the time he can outside. He is full of personality and keeps us all laughing.

You may have seen Courage featured in a previous Q&A Tuesday, but he is in dire need of a medical foster. We noticed back in June that he would limp from time to time and since then we have been trying to manage with meds but just got word from the vet that he needs ACL surgery. This is not something that he can have while being in such a stressful environment so we are begging for help from someone in our community. This would be an 8 to 12 week commitment that would require follow up appointments but the SPCA will provide everything that is needed. If you know someone that can help and has a calm home please reach out ASAP.


Barnacle, Tuxie, and Theodore

Attached are pictures of Barnacle (brown and white little guy), Tuxie (black and white), and Theodore (big brown and white tabby).

Barnacle was found down south stuck on a piling of a dock and had to have part of his tail removed but is the absolute sweetest. We are so glad we were able to save him when we did or he wouldn’t have made it. He is about a month old.

Tuxie and Theodore were transferred in from the Currituck Animal Shelter. They were having space issues and were overwhelmed with the amount of cats they had so myself and Ashely (our Cat Manager) took a ride and brought back 13 cats/kittens. Tuxie is about a year old and Theodore is about two years old.

To adopt Sugar & Lobo, Courage, Barnacle, Tuxie, Theodore, or any of the other shelter animals, visit the Outer Banks SPCA Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or give them a call at 252-475-5620.

This month’s sponsor of Tail Waggin’ Tuesday is Hatteras Island Pet Resort.