Tail Waggin’ Tuesday: October 24, 2023 (Foster Animal Edition)

Are you in search of the perfect fur-ever friend? A new addition to the family, perhaps? OBX Today in partnership with the Outer Banks SPCA is proud to present “Tail Waggin’ Tuesdays.”

Each Tuesday, browse our provided selection of videos and images and follow along as we showcase a variety of pets that are currently awaiting adoption at our local animal shelter.

This week, the SPCA would like to highlight some of their foster animals.

The SPCA says that fostering is so beneficial to their staff and animals. They have quite a few animals that are in need. There are different reasons for fostering whether it is for medical reasons, behavioral, socialization, or bottle babies.

Verbiage is provided by shelter manager Leann Saunders:

Po was surrendered into our care with her mom who sadly passed away from cancer and it has really taken a toll on her. This environment was scary enough for her and not having her mom to follow around really shut her down. She is in a foster home with another dog and doing better still nervous with loud noises but loves the dog park and does great in the home while her foster family works 8 hours a day. She will need someone to be patient with her. She doesn’t like to walk on the leash very far and gets spooked but inside of the home she looks for reassurance. She was surrendered into our care because her family moved here and shortly after became homeless so Po was living at a campground inside of a tent but the camp ground called us to help because it was way too hot for a dog to be staying inside of there.

Thelma has been in a foster home for a little over 10 days and is thriving! She is still suffering from separation anxiety but got attached to her new family so quickly and we love to see it. Thelma is actually pretty easy going, she loves to sunbathe, and enjoys going for walks. Thelma was completely feral when she came into our care back in February and it took us several months to be able to touch her. My staff worked really hard with her but allowed her to come around on her own time and just about two months ago we were able to start walking her on leash and that grew to volunteers being involved and being able to take her out as well. We can’t wait to see Thelma’s story unfold and are so thankful for the couple that is taking this time with her!

Ruby was surrendered into our care after being adopted as a puppy. She was surrendered into our care simply because she was not socialized. Ruby was terrified in this environment and could not stop shaking and it broke our hearts. She is currently in a foster home where it is quiet and easy going. She is the only animal and is being given time to adjust into a new home with new people that are trying to understand what she has been through. She loves to chew on deer antlers, rolling in the sand at the beach, and is house trained. We can’t wait to see Ruby get the forever home she deserves!
Astrid has been in our care for about three years. She came into our care as a transfer from another shelter. She had a rough life before coming to the Outer Banks but has been nothing short of spoiled since then. She was diagnosed with cancer two years ago and we have removed several masses and have had her on medication but received some sad news from our vet that the cancer is continued to spread and unfortunately there is no cure but we have her in a loving foster home to continue to live her best life until she starts showing any signs of pain or suffering. We are so thankful for the woman who is giving Astrid this opportunity and we love that all she will remember is being loved and a part of a family and not living in the shelter.
Ms. Dale
Ms. Dale is about 11 years old and was not thriving in this environment. She is very vocal and tells you often she wants more attention than we could give her here. Ms. Dale has been in her foster home for several months and although we would love to see her become a foster fail and know her foster is willing to give her a loving home for the rest of her life.
Frito is a senior that is estimated at 15 years old was brought into our care from KDH as a stray. She is on medication for renal failure but is still spunky, and will chase you around if she hears you open a can of wet food. Frito loves to cuddle, is very vocal, and has been in a foster home for a few weeks now where she is being loved and spoiled for the last few months/years she has left. We truly couldn’t save these lives without the help of families willing to foster and are so thankful for the support that our community shows us!

To adopt Po, Thelma, Ruby, Astrid, Ms. Dale, Frito, or any of the other shelter animals, visit the Outer Banks SPCA Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or give them a call at 252-475-5620.

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