Tail Waggin’ Tuesday: June 6, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect fur-ever friend? A new addition to the family, perhaps? OBX Today in partnership with the Outer Banks SPCA is proud to present “Tail Waggin’ Tuesdays.”

Each Tuesday, browse our provided selection of videos and images and follow along as we showcase a variety of pets that are currently awaiting adoption at our local animal shelter.

This week’s featured pets are Honey & Waffles, Piglet, Thelma & Bernard, and Courage.

Honey & Waffles

Honey & Waffles were both born into the shelter’s care as kittens and have yet to be adopted. The pair are over a year old and are a shy towards new people, but that is to be expected having lived in a shelter environment their whole lives.

Honey and Waffles are a bonded pair and the SPCA would love to see them go into a home together with someone who will slowly give them a little more space so they can adjust and get comfortable in a home setting. They love butt scratches and in their cage they beg for attention!


The Outer Banks SPCA is coming up on Piglet’s one year anniversary at the shelter.

Piglet was seized by Animal Control in another county in an animal cruelty case and sadly all of the other dogs had passed away. Shelter associates are so thankful that Animal Control helped save her life and we can’t wait for her to find the forever home she deserves. Due to the previous circumstances, Piglet does have to be the only animal in the home.

Piglet loves her dog bed, playing fetch, and riding in the car. She is a very loyal dog and would make the perfect companion.


Thelma & Bernard

Thelma and Bernard entered the shelter together after being trapped underneath an abandoned house.

The original goal of the SPCA was to get them both spayed and neutered and send them to a farm, allowing the independent pair to still be outside dogs until they met them and fell in love with their funny and loving personalities.

Thelma is estimated to be three years old and Bernard two. Shelter staff believes that Bernard is one of her pups. They are incredibly bonded and we would love for them to go into a home together with a fenced in backyard and someone that understands where they came from with patience to continue their training.

They love being outside and can never have enough toys! We could watch them for hours outside wrestle and run around. The Outer Banks SPCA is hopeful that these two will continue to learn how to be a “dog” and that someone will see their potential like they do.


Courage is one of the SPCA’s favorites. He came from a local breeder and was later surrendered into their care. The Outer Banks SPCA says they are so glad they received Courage when they did because they truly feel like he was not being raised properly.

Courage absolutely loves the water, car rides, and plays great with other dogs. Courage always wants to carry around a toy and shows off his new one for the day. Shelter staff note that they have to set aside at least six for his kennel and that never seems to be enough! Courage knows basic commands and loves all sorts of food.

To adopt Honey & Waffles, Piglet, Thelma & Bernard, Courage, or any of the other shelter animals, visit the Outer Banks SPCA Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or give them a call at 252-475-5620.

This month’s sponsor of Tail Waggin’ Tuesday is Buddy Gregory’s Body Shop.