Tail Waggin’ Tuesday: June 20, 2023

Are you in search of the perfect fur-ever friend? A new addition to the family, perhaps? OBX Today in partnership with the Outer Banks SPCA is proud to present “Tail Waggin’ Tuesdays.”

Each Tuesday, browse our provided selection of videos and images and follow along as we showcase a variety of pets that are currently awaiting adoption at our local animal shelter.

This week’s featured pets are Foggy, Lary, Hula, Gracie, and several kittens.


Foggy was brought into the shelter’s care last November after he was found emaciated and living out on a chain. It broke staff members’ hearts seeing Foggy in that condition, but now he is healthier than ever! Foggy is full of love, knows how to sit, will do anything for food, and loves peanut butter! Foggy is a little strong and we think that is why he is overlooked here but with the right family we know he will settle in quickly. He loves going for walks and exploring the beach but is also very content in his dog kennel with his dog bed.


Lary is the biggest goofball and has the best personality, according to shelter manager Leann Saunders. Lary is about three-years-old and was found as a stray and was never reclaimed. He has been in a foster home for several months now in hopes he would get adopted faster but the shelter has not had any luck so far and can’t understand why.

Lary adores other dogs, does great with children, loves to go for bike rides, walks on the beach, and rides in the truck! Lary would love to find a dog sibling to go home with and promises to be the best playmate out there!

Hula is about two-years-old and was surrendered into the Outer Banks SPCA’s care after an animal cruelty case. Hula was in the home with about 20 other dogs and was sadly living in crates. When they received Hula, she had a litter of puppies who we found homes for and we can’t wait for her to find the home she deserves as well.

Hula is a bottle of energy but is so fun to be around! She makes everyone here laugh, and will let you know when she wants attention. She has been on a few foster for the day outings and loved getting a pup cup, biting the waves at the beach, and riding in the car. Hula is dog friendly and is a very hard player so we would want to make sure if she goes home with another dog that their energy levels match. She would do best with a fenced in area to be able to run around during the day but also walks really well on the leash.


Gracie is about a year old and was surrendered into the shelter’s care about six months ago. The family got her as a puppy for their son and as she grew bigger they didn’t have enough time for her. Gracie ended up being kept outside and was under socialized but we have been working on that as she is warming up to new people quicker and quicker every day. She absolutely loves the beach and car rides! Gracie is the sweetest girl who would be such a loyal dog to her person and family.  She has the cutest ears and can never have enough toys!


The pictured kittens names are Noodle (Two photos, including one on the wheel), Castiel, Dean, Brie, Radish, and Christopher. Each individual cat’s name can be found within the slideshow.

All of these cuties are in the shelter’s free roaming kitten room and loving it! Yesterday, staff hooked up the projector and they were jumping up the walls trying to catch birds and fish. The shelter says they have been pretty successful with their kitten adoptions, but it seems like they come in faster than we can adopt them out. They absolutely love watching these guys play and cuddle every day.

These guys are about two-months-old and are available for “Foster to Adopt,” which means you will come back to the shelter for additional booster vaccines as they are going, deworming, flea prevention, and then once they are the right age and size, the SPCA will have them spayed/neutered and also microchipped directly to you! That is all included in your adoption fee of $50 for one or two.

To adopt Foggy, Lary, Hula, Gracie, a kitten, or any of the other shelter animals, visit the Outer Banks SPCA Monday through Friday from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., or give them a call at 252-475-5620.

This month’s sponsor of Tail Waggin’ Tuesday is Buddy Gregory’s Body Shop.