State Board releases number of provisional ballots cast in 2022 Primary; 22 cast at precincts in Dare County

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Under state law, election officials must release the number of provisional ballots cast in each county by noon two days after each election. The State Board surveyed the 100 county boards of elections and provides the provisional ballots cast during the 2022 statewide primary election at the following link:

Provisional Cast By Voting Methods — 2022 Primary and 2021 Rescheduled Municipal Elections.pdf.

The information at this link will be updated as soon as additional data are submitted to the State Board.

Provisional ballots must be researched to determine voter eligibility. Provisional ballots are cast when an individual’s name does not appear on the poll book or other questions arise about that person’s eligibility to vote or to vote a particular ballot. The provisional voter fills out a form called a provisional application, which includes information that the county board can use to research the voter’s eligibility.

After Election Day, each county board of elections meets before certifying the results to make decisions on provisional applications submitted by voters. If the board determines that the voter is eligible, the provisional ballot is counted. If the voter is eligible for some contests on the ballot but not others, the eligible contests will be counted for that voter. These ballots will be added to the official results during the canvass process. County canvass is scheduled for Friday, May 27.