Southern Shores seeks volunteers to plant milkweed on Oct. 23 to benefit Monarch butterflies

The Town of Southern Shores will be planting 3,000 milkweed plants (Aesclepias incarnata) on Saturday, October 23, in order to establish the town as a Monarch Waystation.

The town will become participants in efforts throughout the United States to create, enhance or preserve critical habitat for the annual Monarch Butterfly migration.

The milkweed plants have been purchased from Wetland Plants, Inc., a company in Edenton that specializes in growing plants for wetland restoration and shoreline protection.

The plantings will take place primarily on town-owned and Southern Shores Civic Association properties that offer the necessary environmental conditions.

Some plants may be available for homeowners who commit to care for them, primarily by watering them periodically.

Volunteers to help plant would be greatly appreciated. They will meet at the Hillcrest Beach parking lot at 9:00 AM on Saturday, October 23.

Email town councilmember Jim Conners ( or Emily Gould ( to sign up and learn further details about this critical national effort to sustain and increase the Monarch Butterfly populations.