Save the date: 2024 Dinah Gore Healthy Food Challenge workshop series

The Dinah Gore Healthy Food Challenge is an exciting new cooking contest offered by 4-H. The event challenges a team of three to four 4-H members to create a dish that will serve three people using a mystery ingredient, food category and items from a locally sourced pantry. Once the ingredient is revealed, teams have 40 minutes to prepare a dish highlighting that ingredient, clean up their kitchen space and prepare a presentation for the judges. Teams then present their dish (name, ingredients, cooking techniques used etc), health benefits and the nutritional value of the dish to a panel of judges.

Currituck County 4-H is hosting a series of workshops starting December 20, 2023 for youth ages 8 to 18 interested in participating in the contest which is held in May 2024. 

The first session will consist of a program overview and orientation including a “mock” food challenge contest. The following monthly sessions will be practice sessions for participating youth to improve food preparation skills, practice safe food handling, recognize the importance of local seasonal foods and how to make wise food choices, practice teamwork and critical thinking skills and to demonstrate effective communications skills.

Scheduled sessions are: 

December 20 2023, 5:30-8 p.m.: Program overview, contest orientation and mock cooking challenge contest.

Practice sessions focused on cooking skills, kitchen organization, My Plate and nutrition, team organization, and presentation skills will be held monthly. All sessions will be from 5:30-8pm except the final session May 12, 2024 which is scheduled from 2-5 p.m.

The practice schedule is subject to change once the teams are formed in order to accommodate team members schedules. Tentative dates include:

January 16, 2024 

February 14, 2024 

March 12, 2024

April 17, 2024

May 12, 2024

The Dinah Gore 4-H Healthy Food Challenge will be held at the NC State Fairgrounds Saturday, May 18, 2024.

If your child is interested in participating in this program but cannot attend the orientation session, please register them and then contact Sherry Fischlschweiger (contact information below) and arrangements will be made.

All sessions will take place at NC Cooperative Extension, Currituck County Center at 120 Community Way in Barco, NC. There is no charge for this program however registration is required and all participants must be enrolled in 4-H. 

To register for the the orientation and overview session visit

For more information or for accommodations for persons with disabilities please contact Sherry Fischlschweiger at 252-232-2262 or email no later than five business days before the event.