Recycling to resume in Southern Shores

Courtesy Bay Disposal and Recycling

The Town of Southern Shores on Friday said an an agreement has been reached with Bay Disposal resulting in its recycling material being delivered to a recycling facility in Portsmouth, Virginia.

Recycling & Disposal Solutions of Virginia (RDS) in Portsmouth, has agreed to accept the material delivered to them by Bay Disposal, including glass.

The Town Council amended its contract with Bay Disposal at its meeting this week. The amended contract establishes that the town’s recyclable materials are to be taken to the RDS facility in Portsmouth, or another recycling facility if RDS should become unavailable. If other recycling facilities are unavailable, the materials are to be taken to a waste-to-energy facility. Bay Disposal in not permitted to place any non-contaminated recycling material in a landfill. The additional cost to the original contract amount of $189,500 is $5,701.

“I am very pleased that we have been able to work together to find a way to start recycling again,” Deputy Town Manager Wes Haskett said in a press release. “As the first municipality in Dare County to establish a recycling program, we recognize how important it is to our citizens and property owners.”

In December, Bay Disposal notified the town that due to changes in the recycling market, they no longer had a place to deliver its material. Since that time, Bay has been taking the town’s recycling material to a waste-to-energy facility also in Portsmouth.

The Town of Southern Shores services approximately 2,800 homes as part of its recycling contract.