Raymond the legendary mule, then and now

Raymond the mule at the rescue farm [CWHF photo]

What a difference a year makes.

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund on Thursday shared two photos of Raymond the mule, the product of a local donkey and a wild Outer Banks mare, one from today and one from last year at the same time.

Raymond the mule at the rescue farm [CWHF photo]
Raymond last year while he still lived on the beach. [CWHF photo]
Raymond was still living with the wild horse herd this time last year, where he’d been fighting to survive for two decades.

“Raymond suffers from navicular disease and laminitis, two chronic conditions that are painful and fatal if not managed properly,” CWHF herd manager Meg Puckett said in a Facebook post. “We trimmed his feet in the field once, which gave him one more year in the wild, but by the fall of 2019 he was in obvious pain, struggling to get around, and had lost a significant amount of weight.”

Since the fall, Raymond’s been living at the Corolla Wild Horse Fund’s rescue farm, where’s he comfortable and thriving, Puckett said.

“His feet are trimmed properly, he gets vitamins, supplements, and high quality hay, has fresh water and a fan in his shelter, a buddy – Sonny the goat, and gets lots of attention every day (he loves face scratches!),” Puckett wrote.

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