Podcast: Harriott’s Hard Lemonade, Island Ginger Beer now on the Outer Banks

British West Indies Trading Company has launched a new malted beverage in the Outer Banks – Harriott’s Hard Lemonade.

The founder/brewer/CEO, Georgia Dunn, will be at Harris Teeter in Kill Devil Hills through Wednesday, August 26 talking with customers about both Harriott’s Hard Lemonade and Island Ginger Beer.

Georgia created Harriott’s Hard Lemonade as her second product in a line of plant based beer/alcoholic beverages made with 100% real fresh produce and focused on beverages with a historical presence in the Caribbean where her family has been fermenting tropical produce for hundreds of years including citrus into beverages.

Georgia joined OBX Today’s Sam Walker on Friday to talk about the heart and soul of British West Indies Trading Company: To inspire others to preserve what is unique about their family history and their community’s way of life.

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For Harriott’s Hard Lemonade, every lemon is handpicked and there are only 3 simple ingredients including cane sugar and fresh lemons for a fresh citrus clean, crisp taste. It offers a lighter alternative to malt-based beer. Because of the fresh ingredients, it’s also great for cooking and Georgia can share many excellent recipes she and customers have developed.

Some other facts:

  • No caramel color
  • No high fructose corn syrup
  • No artificial coloring or flavoring
  • Gluten free

Islander Ginger Beer is the heart and soul of her company and was her first offering. Also available in Harris Teeter grocery stores, Islander Ginger Beer is a 1500s family-inspired recipe with hand-grated fresh ginger for an authentic ginger beer that combines filtered water, cane sugar, ginger, citrus and Caribbean spices. Her family has been brewing ginger beer since the 1500s when her great-grandfather (13 generations ago) was the first British on record to make beer in the new world during an expedition trip on behalf of Queen Elisabeth I. Georgia’s ancestors went on to settle the Turks and Caicos in the Caribbean where they produced salt for centuries.

More than 500 years in the making, Georgia founded British West Indies Trading Company because of her eagerness to learn about her island heritage and to document the cultural history of the Caribbean to carry on her ancestors’ legacy. She became passionate about revitalizing the once-thriving drink in the United States, which was the most popular beverage until the mid-1800s.

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