Pipe, hydrant flushing underway in Currituck


This week, the Currituck County Water Department began the process of flushing the system’s pipes and hydrants.

This operation has started at the mainland water plant in Maple and will gradually extend throughout the community. Flushing of the entire system should be completed by March. During this time, citizens who notice a hydrant that is open and flowing water should not be alarmed.

The flushing of pipes and hydrants is performed by the Water Department’s Distribution Operators in order to remove any silt or sediment that has collected in the pipes. Flushing keeps the distribution system refreshed and helps with hydrant maintenance.

This process may cause some temporary, light discoloration of water for customers, but this is normal and harmless, and the flushing operation will clear up any discoloration that occurs. Citizens will not have to boil water before usage unless a boil water advisory is announced for a specific area.

Anyone who has concerns with water service during the flushing period may contact the Water Department at (252) 232-2769.