Panthers’ ‘Keep Pounding Day’ includes planting sea oats in Kitty Hawk

Sea Oats [Photo courtesy Better Beaches OBX]

The Carolina Panthers will provide supplies and volunteers to help plant 6,000 sea oats in southern Kitty Hawk on May 1.

As part of the Carolina Panthers’ 25th anniversary celebration, the National Football League franchise is recognizing May 1 as Keep Pounding Day, which will be an organizational day of community service.

The team will execute 25 service projects that day in communities across North and South Carolina, and the Town of Kitty Hawk will be part of that day of service.

Volunteers will work with Better Beaches OBX to plant 6,000 sea oats, enough to cover from Lillian Street to the town line.

“We are setting up 10 teams, using specialized equipment, and getting ready to reach this goal!” Better Beaches said in a Facebook event post. “We could use a few more volunteers, it will take a total of 40 people or more. Let us know if you can join in!”

Volunteers can help in a variety of ways, from carrying a small bucket of sea oats or food-grade fertilizer to using a bulb auger and a power drill.

The starting time frame for the project is between noon and 3 p.m., with smaller time slots available.
For more information or to sign up to volunteer, click here.

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