UPDATED: Outer Banks Urgent Care Centers available to provide prescription refills for individuals without primary care providers

Outer Banks Urgent Care - Kitty Hawk. [Courtesy theouterbankshospital.com]

The following update was provided by the Town of Manteo (UPDATED on Friday, September 2, 2022): On August 26, Ronnie Sloan, CEO of the Outer Banks Hospital, stated that patients who require prescription refills are encouraged to visit one of our Urgent Cares in Kitty Hawk and Nags Head. “Although our Urgent Cares don’t provide ongoing primary care, they often provide what we call Gap care for patients in between primary care providers. I can’t say that 100% of your prescriptions will be refilled because that is left up to a provider’s clinical judgement based on your medical history, and other factors. But I can say that our Urgent Care Centers are an excellent resource for seeing a provider and requesting prescription refills.”

On August 26, Ronnie Sloan, CEO of the Outer Banks Hospital, announced that the Outer Banks Urgent Care Centers are available to handle prescription refills for individuals who do not have a primary care provider.

The Town of Manteo and the Healthcare Task Force are pleased to hear this announcement and encourage our community members seeking prescription drug refills to contact an Outer Banks Urgent Care Center. Contact information for the Urgent Care Centers is provided below.

“The issue of prescription refills has been one of the primary goals and most important items on the Healthcare Task Force agenda and we are very pleased to see this progress take place,” said Malcolm Fearing, Chair of the Healthcare Task Force.

For more information on the Healthcare Task Force please visit: https://www.manteonc.gov/government/boards-and-committees/healthcare-task-force or contact Melissa Dickerson, Town Manager, Town of Manteo, at mdickerson@manteonc.gov or 252-216-6313.