Outer Banks officials call for kindness after flyers found on cars with out-of-state plates

Colington resident Cheryl Bryant found a flyer on her car Tuesday morning basically telling her she isn’t welcome here — because her car has out-of-state license plates.

Her family has lived on the Outer Banks for almost a year. Now they’re worried about what else might happen.

“If somebody could come to our property, our residence and leave a note like this what are they capable of?” she said.

Dare County officials on Tuesday afternoon put out a statement saying they have received reports of similar flyers, some placed illegally, on cars in parking lots and residences throughout the county.

“The flyer sends a hateful and negative message and Dare County does not condone this action or message,” county officials said. “The flyer claims to be on behalf of Dare County residents, but that is not the reality.”

Dare officials said non-resident property owners and visitors are an integral part of our community.

“Next week, we look forward to welcoming property owners, and with time and as conditions allow, we will also welcome our visitors,” the statement said. “The whole of our community is greater than the sum of its parts. Together, Dare County‚Äôs year round residents, property owners and visitors are what make it such a truly special place.

“Tensions and stresses are high, but now is the time to act with compassion and kindness. Please respect your neighbors and visitors to Dare County, and create a warm and welcoming environment that is familiar to those who love and support our community.”

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