Outer Banks Mom: Making memories with tie-dye

A king-sized sheet tie-dyed for the kids to spot on crowded beaches. [Audra Krieg photo]
My family and I have been home for a full month now. Our kids haven’t left our home with the exception of beach time and bike rides. With all of this time at home, they have gotten into some pretty creative projects! They will likely look back at COVID-19 and remember that their mama was a little bit scatter-brained and all they did at home was make crafts because it feels like every time we turn around there is a new craft in progress both inside and outside. While I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything on my own to-do list with four children at home, we’ve certainly whittled away at a long list of things that my daughter Penny wanted to make. She’s my mini me and the artsy one!
We’ve painted seashells and made bird feeders. She has made posters to invite the entire family to her after dinner dance performances. We’ve even made tie-dye outfits from head to toe. Yes, I’m serious! The list goes on and on. All of our crafting reminds me of one of my favorite creations from last summer that got us ready for long beach days! 
Tie dying with Penny. [Audra Krieg photo]
One of the things that I do each year to help my kids stay safe on the beach is create a beach blanket that they will recognize. That way, when they’re on a crowded beach, they can quickly and easily spot our blanket. All you need is an old flat sheet and a dye kit and you’re ready to get started! I’m practicing some positive thinking and believing that our beaches are going to be packed with tourists this year so we’re preparing for season, just like we always would! 
Last year we used indigo dye to transform a white bed sheet and it’s the perfect beach blanket for picnics and sitting around with the family. 
The best part is that you can order all of your supplies online so that you can stay out of the stores and keep your risk low while flattening the curve! I ordered this kit from Amazon and it worked great. The instructions were perfect and we were extra happy to have the gloves that are included because this dye is the real deal! 
We used a king sized sheet that we retired from our linen closet but you could buy a cheap flat sheet, too! This plain white one is huge and would be awesome with a little pop of color!
You will also need a 5 gallon bucket or a large tub to mix your dye. Indigo is interesting because the mixture is a terrible yellow-green color when it’s in the bucket. However, once you dip the fabric and it mixes with oxygen in the air, a reaction occurs and it turns a deep blue color. It might be Spring Break here on the Outer Banks for our kiddos but this is a great science lesson too! 
We used a pretty traditional bullseye pattern, but we’re planning on trying a few more since the kit makes so much dye! I’m certain we will have millions of summer memories (and snacks) on our beach blanket! Better days are ahead! 

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