Outer Banks Forever invites you to rediscover the Wright Brothers National Memorial

A screen capture Outer Banks Forever's recent video production "Rediscover Wright Brothers National Memorial!" [YouTube]

Local non-profit Outer Banks Forever is reintroducing the public to our Outer Banks national parks and the amazing stories and experiences they protect. One of these national parks is, of course, is the famed Wright Brothers National Memorial.

In an exclusive video released by Outer Banks Forever, Park Ranger Beth shares what the national park rich with aviation history has in store for visitors. The full video can be found down below:

Wright Brothers National Memorial is located in Kill Devil Hills and was established by Congress in 1927 in celebration of Orville and Wilbur Wright, two brothers from Dayton, Ohio, who taught the world to fly.

Our park is beloved by aviation enthusiasts, as well as those who love learning about the innovation, technology, and dedication it took to achieve what was once considered impossible. You can visit Wright Brothers National Memorial any time of year, or for special events like the annual First Flight Celebration on December 17, which commemorates the Wright brothers’ first successful heavier-than-air powered flight that took place in what was then called “Kitty Hawk” on December 17, 1903.

Whether you visit the park every year or haven’t been in a while, make plans to rediscover this amazing park:

  • Travel the first flight line – see how far Orville Wright flew during those first twelve seconds in the air!
  • Explore the reconstructed 1903 camp buildings to see what life was like more than 100 years ago as the brothers tested their ideas.
  • View or walk up to the Wright Brothers Monument. From the monument you get a 360-degree view of our beautiful island. (Note: The path to the monument is wheelchair accessible.)
  • See the First Flight sculpture – the iconic first flight photo come to life in bronze! Did you know that our park has an accessible, tactile model of the 1903 Wright Flyer? It’s located in the Flight Room of the Visitor Center!
  • Experience the recently renovated historic Visitor Center to get the full story of how the brothers made the impossible possible.

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