Outer Banks Forever announces ‘Adopt a Pony’ program just in time for the holidays

[Courtesy Outer Banks Forever]

Legend has it the Ocracoke ponies arrived on the Outer Banks with shipwrecked explorers in the 16th or 17th century, and they’ve called the island home ever since. You can help these beautiful and unique ponies by symbolically adopting an Ocracoke pony this holiday season.

Luna is one of many ponies available for symbolic adoption. [Courtesy Outer Banks Forever]
Your support of the Adopt a Pony program will help to fund their ongoing care and feeding. When you Adopt a Pony in honor of a friend or loved one, Outer Banks Forever will send them a photo and official adoption certificate just in time for the holidays.

In an effort to be environmentally friendly and ensure more of your donation goes directly to the ponies, Outer Banks Forever offers a digital photo and certificate option! Just click the “Digital Option” checkbox on the last screen before you complete your gift and a photo and certificate will be emailed to you or your honoree.

Please note: If you would like your mailed photo and certificate to arrive in time for Christmas, please make your adoption no later than Friday, December 9.

To view the full list of ponies available for adoption, click here.