One more time: Stay away from the wild horses

A woman getting too close to a foal and an injured horse on the beach. [Courtesy Corolla Wild Horse Fund]

We’ve been sent this screenshot by several concerned people and it bears reposting. This person is not only habituating a foal, she is harassing a horse that has a serious injury we are closely monitoring and hoping doesn’t require intervention.

Disregarding the rules for the wild horses puts the entire herd in jeopardy. [CWHF photo]
The last thing he needs is added stress. Please stay away from the horses. It’s against the law, dangerous, disrespectful, and harmful in other ways you might not even be aware of. There’s no excuse for this kind of behavior.

Before you comment, please know:

▪️We do have staff and volunteers on the beach 7 days a week.

▪️There are signs EVERYWHERE saying not to do this.

▪️Citations are written regularly.

▪️Neither the sheriff’s deputies or our team can be everywhere at once. We need people to meet us halfway and please just follow the rules.

Here’s the county ordinance:…/wild-horse-ordinance.pdf

And here are resources like magnets, signs, and flyers that anyone can use and distribute:…/

Thank you for helping us keep the horses safe and wild.

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Meg Puckett is the herd manager for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund