Now you’re going to need a sticker when you haul your trash off in Currituck

Currituck has eight convenience and recycling centers where residents have to haul their trash. [Sam Walker photo]

Currituck has long-required mainland, Gibbs Woods, Knotts Island and Carova Beach residents to haul their own trash to manned “convenience” sites scattered across the county for decades.

While there is a private company that provides weekly curbside trash pick-up on the mainland, efforts to offer garbage collection at the street through the county everywhere except Corolla were shot down in the late 80s.

Despite it being a cheaper option at the time.

Now Currituck is going to make you have a sticker to take your trash to what locals just call “the dump”.

Beginning on January 2 (the dump is closed on New Years Day), county residents must have a “solid waste permit” decal displayed on their vehicle’s windshield when utilizing the “convenience” centers, according to a news release.

The centers are operated and maintained under a contract between the county and Waste Management, which also operates the landfill in Maple.

Residents will receive two decals when they get their property tax bill by mail from the Currituck County Tax Office.

The county claims the stickers will help ensure that only Currituck County residents are using the “convenience” sites, and prevent non-resident and commercial users from “driving up the cost of hauling trash away by illegally using the convenience centers.”

Oh wait. They aren’t stickers.

It’s a static cling that will supposedly not leave adhesive residue on the windshield. Nice.

That may make it easier for those that have more than two vehicles at their house that they use to drop off the trash. Unless you forget to grab it before you head to the dump.

The county said the decals should be applied to the inside of the vehicle’s windshield in the lower corner on the driver’s side.

A list of dump locations can be found here.

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