Northeastern Workforce Development Board receives $60,000 from Sentara Health to support careers in healthcare

Northeastern Workforce Development Board is thrilled to announce the receipt of a substantial grant of $60,000 from Sentara Health. This pivotal grant will be dedicated to bolstering our ongoing efforts to facilitate and support individuals pursuing careers in the healthcare industry.


The $60,000 grant will be utilized to provide scholarships and supportive services such as transportation and childcare assistance to students enrolling in various healthcare-related educational programs, thereby easing the financial burden for students pursuing their dreams in the healthcare industry.

“Our team is incredibly grateful for the generosity displayed by Sentara. This grant will enable us to further our commitment to nurturing a skilled workforce in the healthcare sector, ultimately enhancing the quality of healthcare services in our community.” said David Whitmer, NWDB Director.


With this boost in financial aid, NWDB aims to inspire more individuals to pursue careers in healthcare, ultimately addressing the growing demand for qualified healthcare professionals. Through strategic partnerships and innovative educational initiatives, we remain dedicated to cultivating a talented pool of healthcare professionals who will contribute significantly to the well-being of our community.


This contribution from Sentara reinforces their shared commitment to creating healthier communities through partnerships with organizations and individuals.


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