No Netflix, there is no ferry from the Outer Banks to Chapel Hill!

We’ve pretty much avoided any mention of the new series “Outer Banks” on Netflix, mostly because of trying to cover the coronavirus, but mainly because it’s NOT the Outer Banks.

The TV show was originally slated to be filmed in Wilmington, but due to the fallout from the controversial, and now-partially repealed House Bill 2, the producers of the series chose to shoot in the Charleston, South Carolina-area.

The show’s creators are natives of Raeford, which is pretty much closer to the South Carolina beaches than us anyway, so I guess we can forgive them for that part.

Among the obvious errors that even a person who has only visited the real Outer Banks once would notice are the palmetto trees everywhere, the Morris Island Lighthouse near Folly Beach, and the Kildare (wink-wink) Police Department.

The Wreck Restaurant? There is kinda, sorta a real one, The Wreck Tiki Bar next to the Hatteras ferry docks.

And anyone who has ever held a keg party on the beach at Corolla…we miss you 1990s…knows you need more than one keg, you bury the trash can in the sand AND you cover it in ice!

But the one that got us the most? In episode four, the main characters took a ferry from the Outer Banks…to Chapel Hill! Now the NCDOT Ferry Division has had to weigh-in.

As nice as it would be to not have to face that four-hour drive, one-way, to The Southern Part of Heaven, that’s the one reference that sold me on avoiding the show like trying to avoid COVID-19.

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