No laughing matter! Bear roams Currituck County High School campus

[photos courtesy Deputy Stephen Gilbert]

It’s not certain when local high schools will begin their football season. But, there’s one furry fan who can’t wait for the action to commence.

Currituck County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Stephen Gilbert spotted a bear by the Knights Stadium entrance around 10:00 p.m. while on a recent patrol.

Gilbert maintained appropriate social distance from the bear and thus didn’t get a chance to do a proper interrogation.

So it is not known if he pulls for the Knights, or if he’s more a fan of Currituck’s next door-rival Camden Bruins or conference-foe Hertford County Bears.

The bear could be the same one seen in the dug out at the baseball field on Saturday.

It’s been a busy few days for Gilbert. He proposed to his longtime girlfriend Courtney Cromer this past weekend. It’s not known if the bear will be invited to the wedding.