Necropsy reveals three-week-old foal, Charlie, died from bacterial septicemia in April

[Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo]
On April 14, three-week-old colt Charlie died suddenly. His body was taken to the state lab in Raleigh, and we received the final necropsy report last week. It was determined that Charlie died from bacterial septicemia. This happens when bacteria enters the body through the umbilicus.

There were no birth defects or congenital issues, and no sign that he had been fed or had eaten anything that caused an obstruction or illness. Charlie’s parents and yearling brother are in excellent shape and have shown no signs of poor health since his death.

We thank you for your continued support of our work, and your advocacy for the horses. We will keep doing all that we can to ensure their safety and protect their habitat, and we appreciate our community’s efforts in that regard as well. Charlie’s death reminds us that these horses face so many challenges to their survival that we simply cannot control, and what a miracle it is that foals are born every year who thrive and grow into healthy adults.

It’s imperative that when it comes to the things we can control, we all step up to the plate and do our part to keep these horses safe. Don’t add to their challenges by petting, feeding, or otherwise harassing them.

Rest easy, Charlie.

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Meg Puckett is the herd manager for the Corolla Wild Horse Fund