Nags Head Precinct announces upcoming meeting, women’s rights rally

Democratic Aida Havel, Dennis zaenge, and Katie Morgan, Candidates for Dare County Commissioner will attend a forum at Nags Head Town Hall on June 8. (Submitted)

The Nags Head Precinct is excited to announce our next precinct meeting and an upcoming rally dedicated to women’s rights. We invite the community to join us in these important events to engage with local Democratic candidates and advocate for critical issues on Thursday, June 13, 2024, at 6:00 p.m. The meeting will be held in the Commissioners Meeting Room of Nags Head Town Hall.

At this meeting, we are honored to host the three Democratic candidates for Dare County Commissioner. Join us to meet: Katie Morgan, Dennis Zaenger, and Aida Havel.

These strong candidates will participate in a round-robin format discussion, sharing their viewpoints on several key issues affecting our community. This is a fantastic opportunity for residents to hear directly from the candidates and ask questions about their platforms and vision for Dare County.

In addition to the precinct meeting,¬† there will be a Rally for Women’s Rights to stand up for gender equality and women’s rights on Sunday, June 23, 2024, at 4:00 p.m. The rally will be held at Dowdy Park.

This rally is a call to action for all community members who believe in the importance of protecting and advancing women’s rights. Join us to show your support and hear from passionate speakers who are dedicated to this cause.

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For more information, please visit our website or follow us on Facebook. We look forward to seeing you at these events and working together to make a positive impact in our community.

Nags Head Precinct is committed to fostering a politically engaged and informed community. Through our meetings and events, we aim to provide a platform for dialogue, education, and action on important local and national issues.