Migrating whales spotted near Jennette’s Pier

A whale exhales at the surface near Jennette's Pier on Monday. [Photo courtesy Jennette's Pier]

Two whales, most likely humpbacks, swam past Jennette’s Pier in Nags Head Monday afternoon.

In one photo, the pectoral fin of a whale sticks out of the ocean as it swims by with another whale. In another, one of the two exhales at the surface.

A whale flips a pectoral fin near Jennette’s Pier on Monday. [Photo courtesy Jennette’s Pier]
The large and unique sea creatures spend the summer months off New England and winter in the warm waters off of the Bahamas. The marine mammals can weigh up to 40 tons, which is the size of a bus.

Keep an eye out and you might see migrating whales in early winter and late spring along the Outer Banks.

Two whales, likely humpbacks, were spotted swimming past Jennette’s Pier on Monday. [Photo courtesy Jennette’s Pier]