Mercedes Tabano wins Outer Banks Association of Realtors prestigious Career Achievement Award

Mercedes Tabano

Since 2012, the Outer Banks Association of REALTORS® has recognized longtime REALTOR® members with the Career Achievement Award.

Recipients of the award have been with OBAR for 25 years or more, have a long history of involvement in OBAR committees and the Board of Directors, and give back to the Association and OBX community.

This year’s Career Achievement Award recipient is OBAR veteran Mercedes Tabano of Keller Williams. She has been a member of OBAR since 1982.

Since 2004, Mercedes has served on 20 committees. She was the President of OBAR in 2008 and was awarded the prestigious “REALTOR® of the Year” award in 2007. Mercedes was recognized for her many years of committee experience, and dedication as a REALTOR® in this community.

Long known for her saying, “REALTORS® are the Guardians of the American Dream”, when receiving the award Mercedes said, “I love being a REALTOR®, I am speechless!”

This year’s award was presented by 2014 Career Achievement Award recipient Rosemarie Doshier.

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