Kitty Hawk police find another loaded handgun left behind by a vacationer

Courtesy Kitty Hawk police

Kitty Hawk police on Tuesday said another person left an unsecured and loaded handgun in a rental home while visiting the area.

“This happens multiple times every year. People leave their handguns in nightstands, under beds, and in closets of their hotel rooms and rental homes,” police said in a Facebook post. “Fortunately, a member of staff called us before anyone got hurt or another handgun was on the street.”

In April,  a Kitty Hawk officers found a loaded handgun on the side of the road. Prior to police tracking down and contacting the owner, they had no idea where they had lost their gun. They had left it on top of their vehicle.

“Please remember that the first responsibility of gun ownership is securing your guns and knowing where they are,” the post said.

Police also continue to deal with having guns stolen out of unlocked vehicles.

“Please remember that vehicles should never be used as a gun safe. Don’t leave guns in unattended vehicles,” police said.

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