Kill Devil Hills police officer goes above and beyond the badge

Kill Devil Hills police Sgt. Rodney Rawls. [submitted photo]

It’s more than just a badge for the officers of the Kill Devil Hills Police Department. It’s about humanity, compassion, and meaningful connections.

While on patrol, Kill Devil Hills Police Sergeant Rodney Rawls approached a busy intersection where he noticed that a vehicle had broken down. He stopped to offer his assistance by giving the vehicle a jump-start; however, it was clear the battery was dead.

So, Rawls and the two occupants of the vehicle pushed the broken-down car off of the busy highway. Once in a safe location, Rawls offered to take the driver to a local auto store to purchase a new car battery. The driver accepted his offer.

During their conversations on the way to the store, the driver briefly informed Sergeant Rawls of his past, letting him know that he was no stranger to police officers or jail.

The driver had a difficult life growing up. The driver’s mother had died at a young age and the driver was practically on his own after that – living life on the streets and constantly spending time in and out of jail.

Since facing a longtime of hardships, the driver decided to turn his life around in a more positive way. The driver stated that he was now committed to his belief in Jesus.

The driver had also taken in the other occupant of the vehicle, a 19-year old, to provide support, to avoid another person living life on the streets and spending time in jail.

When they arrived at the auto store, the driver went in to purchase a new car battery.

To Rawls’ surprise, the driver came out of the store with no car battery. The driver was wearing a mask, so Rawls knew that couldn’t have been the issue.

When he asked the driver what happened, the driver told Sergeant Rawls that he did not have enough money and his card declined at the register.

Rawls wasted no time in entering the store and asking the clerk to ring up the battery again. Rawls and the driver split the cost of the battery and were then on their way back to attend to the broken down vehicle. Rawls gathered the tools he needed to install the new battery, and upon installation, the car started right up!

The occupants of the vehicle were extremely grateful for Sergeant Rawls’ assistance. Because although they were no strangers to law enforcement, the help, kindness, and new bond they created with Rawls was still a bit foreign to them.

Before Rawls left the scene, the driver asked if he could pray for him, to which Sergeant Rawls accepted, and so the driver prayed for Rawls’ safety.

All officers of the Kill Devil Hills Police Department not only work tirelessly to protect the lives and well-being of others, but they also work with kindheartedness to make the lives of others a little brighter.