Junior, the wild horse who choked on food, is doing better, making friends

Junior is adjusting well to life at the rescue farm in Grandy. [Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo]

The Corolla Wild Horse Fund reports that Junior, the wild mustang rescued from the beach in late June after choking on food, has been given a clean bill of health and is making friends at the rescue farm.

Amadeus Jr., known as Junior, was spotted June 30 running around frantically, rolling and in a lot of discomfort.

“We thought that he might be colicking, but upon arrival it was clear he was choking. He was behaving exactly like Danny did last year when he choked,” CWHF herd manager Meg Puckett said in a Facebook post. “There were several moments during the rescue where we thought he wasn’t going to make it, but we were ultimately able to get him onto the trailer and to the rescue farm, where the vet met us immediately.”

Last year, a yearling colt named Danny died in “a horrific, devastating, completely preventable way” after choking on an apple.

Junior, it appears, has made a full recovery and is adjusting to life at the rescue farm in Grandy with other wild horses who no longer live on the beach.

“Got his teeth done (they look pretty great for an old, wild stallion), got his vaccinations, and also got some friends!” Puckett wrote in a Facebook post. “He’s learned to lead (with a little positive reinforcement), loves scratches and attention from us, and has figured out all the perks to being domesticated like fresh water, a shelter with a fan, and hay.

“We are still heartbroken he is no longer on the beach, but at the same time so grateful that he is alive and well. We have no doubt he will continue to thrive on the rescue farm.”

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