JonMichael Richeson

On Saturday, October 28, our family suffered the tragic loss of our youngest son, JonMichael Richeson. Our immediate family pulled together a private memorial on Sunday, November 5th  where hurting hearts could be vulnerable and transparent to grieve and love one another openly. From the beautiful tribute, a video link is shared within the full obituary on Gallop’s website at Please visit for full disclosure of our heart. We hope it will bless and bring comfort to each of you while finding your personal closure.

JonMichael was born August 1, 1983, to John and Michelle (Shelly) Richeson.  JonMichael was the youngest of three closely bonded brothers where each was bigger than life to one another.  He grew up in a large loving family that started with just my dad and me some 50 years ago moving to the OBX. 

JonMichael is immediately survived by his son, Nehemiah Richeson; his parents, John and Shelly Richeson; his brother Asher and Tami with three beautiful children, Amarah, Harper, and Ryder.  He has an abundance of uncles, aunts, cousins, nieces, nephews, 2nd cousins for which include family tribes of: Richeson, Diggs, Farrell, Duffy, Shealey, Boniface, Whittington, Reich, Parsons, Griffin, Heath, Stuart, and Selby. He was greeted by many gone before him: his brother Jeremiah, Aunt Kathy, Uncle Scott, many Grandparents, and many friends – young and old alike.  

The greatest support has been the prayers, hugs, kind words, encouragement, and memories.  We appreciate privacy while we have been processing and respecting that privacy from the questions and answers not worth the spiral.  We know we will instantly understand on the other side of the veil. A heartfelt thank you from all our families listed above!   God is bigger than circumstances and can be trusted.  Our family look forward to chance meetings where encouragement to one another will assist our individual healing journeys… We are trusting God, who knows JonMichael’s heart, to redeem his story.  He is the One who turns graves into gardens and gives beauty for ashes.  Thank you for trusting God with us.  Shalom!  

Please express sympathies with the family at Gallop Funeral Services, Inc. was entrusted with the arrangements.