Jan. 22 deadline to apply for FEMA home elevation grants

Beach houses against the sunset in Kill Devil Hills. [Kari Pugh photo]

FEMA grant funds are available for the elevation of homes in unincorporated Dare County under the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Hurricane Dorian, DR-4465.

The HMGP provides 100% funding to reduce or eliminate the risk of flood damage to buildings and structures.

If your home is your primary residence, you agree to carry flood insurance after the elevation, and your home is structurally capable of elevating, you may qualify. Flood insurance coverage prior to applying is not required to submit an application. Manufactured homes, structures elevated on a piling foundation, or structures used for commercial or rental purposes are not eligible for funding consideration.

The grant application includes the NC Application, Dare parcel tax card, elevation certificate (if available), flood insurance card (if available), and insurance loss statement (if available).

Applications can be secured by contacting Brent Johnson at 252-475-5628 by telephone or email at brent.johnson@darenc.com. All applications must be received by the close of business on January 22, 2020. Dare County will submit applications to the State of North Carolina and FEMA for review and evaluation. Submission of an application is no guarantee of funding.

If a grant application was submitted in 2018 or Spring of 2019 as a result of Michael or Florence you do not need to reapply.