Island Free Press: Coast Guard rescues pair of kayakers off Oregon Inlet

[photo courtesy USCG]

On Saturday, U.S. Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet received a report of two kayakers within the vicinity of the Oregon Inlet jetty light, who were drifting toward the south shoal uncontrollably.

One of the kayakers was reported to be in the water and unable to re-board his kayak, and was quickly being pulled away.

U.S. Coast Guard Station Oregon Inlet’s boat crew responded immediately, arrived on the scene, and determined the safest and most effective way to recover both kayakers from the dangerous shoal.

“Once in a safe position and away from the shoal, our crew was able to rescue both individuals, along with safely completing the recovery of their drifting kayak, bringing them all back to our station to recover from fighting the current,” stated the station in an online report. “Bravo Zulu crew on a successful rescue!”