Kelly’s 31st Annual St. Patrick Day Parade returns Sunday, March 20

The Outer Banks Hospital will be this year's Co-Grand Marshalls along with the Coastal Humane Society. [Photo courtesy Kelly's St. Patrick's Day Parade via Facebook]

Get your green gear ready! Kelly’s 31st Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade is set to return this Sunday, March 20 at 1pm. The start of the parade will be at Bladen St and will travel up to Driftwood. North Carolina’s largest St. Patrick’s Parade was previously cancelled in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID-19.

If you plan on attending this fun event, the Nags Head Police Department offers the following safety tips to ensure that everyone is prepared to have a superb time:

Arrive Early: This will ensure you plenty of time to find parking and to find a safe place to view the parade.

Select a meeting spot: It’s easy to get separated in large groups of people so it is always wise to designate a meeting spot in the event that this happens.

Stay behind the barricades: If you see a barricade, stay behind it. These are up not only for your safety, but for the safety of the parade participants.

Stay off of the parade route: While it’s fun when parade participants like to engage with the crowd and pass out goodies, its also good to remember to always stay in your area. Never go near any animals and stay visible when around all vehicles.

Dress for the weather: Check the weather before the event and dress accordingly. Bring extra layers.

Designate a driver: We understand at this event alcohol will be consumed. ALWAYS designate a sober driver. Never ever drive drunk. 

Above all, have fun, stay safe and happy St. Patrick’s Day!