UPDATED: Owners plan to rebuild after Hurricane Dorian claims end of Avalon Pier

Hurricane Dorian took 300-feet from the end of Avalon Pier. [Natalie Pugh photo]

The owners of Avalon Pier plan to rebuild after Hurricane Dorian’s winds and surf washed away about 300 feet of the wooden structure in Kill Devil Hills.

The 61-year-old, 700-foot pier over the Atlantic Ocean was a staple among locals and visitors. A crowd gathered Friday afternoon as Dare County’s curfew lifted, taking photos and video as the ocean continued battering the wooden structure.

The pier’s owners have started a GoFundMe page to help them rebuild.

“A lot of people are asking if we have a GoFundMe page. As a matter of fact, we do…now. And now we understand why no one wants to insure a wooden structure that jets out into the Atlantic Ocean. And a concrete pier would not be financially feasible… even with multiple GoFundMe pages,” they wrote in a Facebook post late Friday night. “Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers! We’ll get things right again.”


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Earlier today at @avalon_pier where #hurricanedorian took about half its 700-foot length. Full story at www.obxtoday.com.

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Debris from Avalon Pier is believed to have washed south and damaged Nags Head Fishing Pier, which lost 30 to 40 feet from the end of the wooden structure, as well.

Avalon Pier had several metal “fish” plaques attached to its wooden planks, some of which were washed up on the beach nearby. Many of the fish are memorials to customer’s loved ones. If anyone finds any of Avalon’s “fish,” contact the pier to get them back to their families.

“The Avalon Pier means so much to so many people…and in different ways,” organizer Timothy Lehman said in the GoFundMe. “Lifetime memories of fishing with relatives, hanging out with friends, or maybe even a pleasant daily stroll.

“We’ve been getting inquiries about rebuilding and if so, we will accept donations. The answer is yes on both. So those who asked, here you go. With your help, we can get this project started sooner than later.”


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