Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rule in favor of Mid-Currituck Bridge project

[Town of Southern Shores]

The Mid-Currituck Bridge litigation had been on appeal with the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond, Virginia. Oral arguments were heard in early December of last year.

The Town is extremely excited to share that the Fourth Circuit issued its opinion in this case Thursday which affirmed and upheld the decision from Judge Flanagan at the District Court level. The Court essentially embraced the analysis, findings, and conclusions of Judge Flanagan.

The Court of Appeals found that the Transportation Agencies did not violate the National Environmental Policy Act in approving the bridge project. This decision overcomes a huge hurdle and allows planning, design and permitting work to resume.

In June of last year, the Town of Southern Shores along with the Town of Duck, Currituck County, the Duck Community and Business Alliance, Inc., and the Dare County Tourism Board, filed an Amicus Brief with the Fourth Circuit

Southern Shores Mayor, Elizabeth Morey, stated that “the Town wishes to express its appreciation for all those whose hard work paid off in advancing the construction of this much needed infrastructure”.

For those interested in reading the court decision, click here